Every few months, TradeMe share their usage statistics which helps small and medium businesses to better understand the kind of visitors that use their services in New Zealand and ultimately helps all of us to better tailor design to the browsers that Kiwis use each day.

If you are unsure why this is important, then prepare for the techno-babble:

Some older browsers don’t behave the same way as newer browsers such as Google Chrome and the latest versions of Internet Explorer. In fact, even the newest versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome behave quite differently to one another

Okay, so perhaps not techno-babel: I decided that explaining the implementation of CSS3 and the differing interpretations of the box sizing model was somewhat overkill for the purposes of this blog posting.

In many cases, designers will need to charge additionally for coding specific to older browsers in order to ensure compatibility with all visitors. So businesses need to understand whether this is important for them to serve the most advanced to all visitors or simply to serve certain information.

The good news is, the most recent TradeMe statistics show that around 97% of all visitors are using browsers with the most modern standards using either Internet Explorer 10 (or more recent), Chrome, Firefox 4.x, Android or Opera.

So, if you are developing a new website or altering an aging website originally created many years ago: it’s worth considering your audience. You may find that designers spending hours making a web design more basic than it needs to be is costing you money, wasting time and may be causing your customers to go elsewhere.

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