Consider your customers when presenting your information to the world and ensure that you serve relevant content to increase your leads, conversions and sales. That means understanding how your customers are using their devices and tailoring content that fits their needs.

Why should you ensure your site is responsive to mobile phone, tablet users and customer-led technology demands?

Web users visit websites with a variety of different devices including smartphones, phablets, tablets and desktop personal computers.

These devices run multiple operating systems not just Windows. In fact, since 2014, the majority of users visiting TradeMe have done so from a mobile device. Whether your visitors are using a desktop Windows or Mac (or Linux, or Chrome, or anything else) machine, or a mobile device, a rigid aesthetic can drive those people away.

Responsive Web Design in Auckland, New Zealand

When visitors reach a website from a mobile device, they expect content that they can access immediately and get the information they need without a cumbersome user experience. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile devices and tablets, it can affect you brand perception, sales and reduce visits to your site.

And most importantly, each device may have a different screen width and a responsive site will display the web content relevant to the user display.

Building a site that ensures your business optimises relevant content to those devices improves leads, conversion rates and sales. It’s also important that site load speeds are also tailored to those using mobile devices to obtain their information.

Consider Your Customers:

In August 2023, 55.5% of all web traffic came through mobile phones

Mobile internet users account for more than half of all internet traffic (according to Oberlo) compared with just 17% in 2013 and this data is further skewed by larger tablet displays used from home – perhaps on the couch. As a result, it will mean that websites that operate with a ‘mobile first’ strategy are seeing greater success and it’s bad news for companies without a mobile website.

Be Outcome Focused

But above all else, you should consider what a successful interaction is:

  • Is it a message contact?
  • A document download?
  • Is it an online sale?

Whatever it is, ensure that the user experience is designed accordingly.

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