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The Celtic and Irish Cultural Society was an organisation that the principal consultant, David Nolan, was involved with since it was formed in 2004. The group organize events for the Irish and wider community throughout the year as well as funding Irish language classes, workshops and more. During that time, David was involved in all aspects of the operation from website build to signage, programme design and the health and event planning and safety.

The Celtic and Irish Cultural Society website underwent a number of redesigns during that time from the first static website design, in 2004, to the first use of a full CMS (in 2005) to design rebuild to ensure effective usage on tablets and mobile phones. The website maintains news, videos and photos of events plus a collection of resources on Irish and Celtic culture.

2018 Design

The most recent 2018 redesign took advantage of a new style to respresent the broader range of work that the organisation was involved in, whilst the 2015 work maintained the 2008 and incorporated Responsive Web Design (RWD) adding support for mobile phones and tablets. This design was created to update branding to match updated styles used with the Crawley Irish Festival and other community programmes. It also redisgned the resources section and ensured better access to the respository.

2015 Design

2015 CICS Website

The 2015, meanwhile, work maintained a similar design as the previous site yet responds responsively to the visitor’s device – the 2008 design had been created prior to wide adoption of smartphones and whilst the earlier design did have a mobile component, it was limited in scope. The update necessitated a change in template. However, the general design was well liked so the overall look was maintained.

2008 Design

The 2008 design was a complete refresh compared to the original static website, and the initial wordpress based CMS site in 2005, and brought everything into the same platform. Prior to 2008, some of the resources and news items were hosted on the CMS platform alongside some static pages.

Other work completed included:

  • Publicity, Press and Communications
  • Event Planning and Event Management
  • Funding and Grant Application Processes
  • Graphic Design
    • Artwork
    • Banners and Backdrops
    • Programmes

Micro-Sites for Events

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Closure of the Celtic & Irish Cultural Society in 2022

The Society ceased operations in 2022 following three consecutive years of cancelled events, resulting from the COVID-19 related pandemic with remaining funds distributed to other charities and groups.

Sadly, due to the ongoing cost of webhosting, and the closure of the Society, the website is no longer operational.